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May 16, 2014 | By BetaBoston

mobile programmatic buying

There may be a bit of mythology tied to the notion that there are “quiet sleeping startup giants” all around Boston. But, hidden away in nondescript office buildings that overlook Route 128, there are actually some real rockstar companies to be found. One of them is Adelphic, which is working to improve targeted mobile programmatic buying for marketers looking to connect with mobile users.

Adelphic, based in Waltham, has created this leading mobile DSP software platform that uses “predictive modeling” — which involves taking large quantities of data and using it to develop a richer picture of consumer behavior. The end result: Insights about consumers that have never been available to brands before.

The company was founded by Quattro Wireless alums Jennifer Lum and Changfeng Weng in 2010 and has received funding from Google Ventures and Matrix Partners, among others, totaling $12 million.

Most recently, Adelphic added Michael Collins as chief executive. Collins had previously worked as the chief executive of global marketing company Joule, part of the WPP Group.

Collins said that he made the move to Adelphic because of all that he saw happening in the mobile programmatic buying space and his belief in the company’s vision to own the targeted advertising for mobile.

“It was hard to sit on the sidelines during the mobile boom,” he said. “So I made the transition from the big cushy CEO gig to the trenches.”

“With mobile really booming, I couldn’t let this one [Adelphic] pass me by,” Collins added.

The problem that Adelphic has been setting out to solve (around user identification in the mobile space) is one of the fundamental issues in mobile, Collins explained. “Whoever cracks that is going to have a very interesting upside.”

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