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August 28, 2015 | By Adelphic

programmatic advertisingAs the leading mobile demand-side platform, Adelphic understands how mobile is the key driver behind the rapid growth of programmatic advertising. To continue educating marketers in this emerging space, Adelphic collaborated with the MMA Mobile Programmatic Committee to develop the Programmatic Navigator – a dynamic and user-friendly tool designed to help guide brand marketers in their selection of measurements and partners for mobile programmatic campaigns.

“We developed the Programmatic Navigator with both agencies and brands in mind – empathizing with their feedback that the nexus of programmatic and mobile is restrictively complicated,” explained Emily Del Greco, VP of Sales for Adelphic. “This new tool has the potential to become a ‘must visit’ bookmark for planners and buyers seeking to more effectively integrate mobile into their strategies.”

For each mobile key performance indicator, the Programmatic Navigator provides answers to a number of important questions:

  • What is the unique opportunity in mobile?
  • Is this KPI cookie-based?
  • What are the challenges working with this KPI on mobile?
  • Is this KPI available across desktop and mobile?

Adelphic is excited to share the Programmatic Navigator with the planning and buying community as it provides both a framework for and a showcase of the true value we know marketers can derive from mobile programmatic advertising.

To read more about this new offering, read the press release here. Check out the MMA Programmatic Navigator tool here.