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December 7, 2015 | By Adelphic

Mobile Advertising Best PracticesThanksgiving is behind us and the holiday shopping season is here. Your mobile campaigns need to be firing on all cylinders in order to make an impact on consumers. At the same time, increased bidding activity means more competitive programmatic auctions and scarcity of quality inventory.

As we prepare to welcome 2016, Adelphic account managers compiled their top holiday season mobile programmatic advertising best practices. Frontline, hands-on-keyboard mobile programmatic experts, their insights will take the guesswork out of campaign management in this ultra-competitive marketplace.

Adelphic’s Holiday Season Mobile Advertising Best Practices:

  • Bid Aggressively
    • Insight: Overall global clearing prices increased 16% from October to November.
    • Action: Increase max bids 25%-30% higher than usual to secure the best inventory.
  • Optimize for Scale: 
    • Insight: Nearly 30% of all platform ad orders are optimizing to goals which can restrict scale. While a smart strategy, Q4 competition makes the risks of underdelivery higher.
    • Action: Start campaigns (or switch existing campaigns) to an impression optimization goal, enabling you to bid on every available impression opportunity.
  • Broaden Targeting:
    • Insight: In Q4, customers stray from the brands they’re loyal to year-round and are open to change. According to Google data, more than half of respondents were open to buying from a new retailer for holiday purchases; 41% actually purchased from a new retailer.
    • Action: Keep your targeting parameters as wide and open as possible.
  • Prioritize Delivery:
    • Insight: Only 28% of Adelphic ad orders running in December have optimized their budgets to spend as quickly as possible. All others are opting to pace evenly throughout the day, creating greater exposure to market volatility.
    • Action: Switch ad order hourly budget to ASAP to ensure that ad orders deliver in full.
  • Master the Performance Matrix:
    • Insight: Performance campaigns are directly impacted by higher clearing prices, making target CPAs more difficult to obtain.
    • Action: Use Adelphic’s new Performance Matrix to efficiently adjust bid strategies across 9 different dimensions.
  • Build More Ad Sizes:
    • Insight: Failure to produce adequate creative assets is a top 10 choke point for mobile campaigns. 60% of all mobile programmatic ad slots are one of 3 ad sizes: 320×50, 300×250 and 728×90.
    • Action: Using 320×50 is strongly recommended, but adding different creative sizes to each campaign can still prove valuable.
  • Expand Frequency Caps:
    • Insight: Q4 has more ad noise than any other quarter. According to ComScore, 5.3 trillion display ad impressions were delivered in the U.S. throughout 2012, with Q4 seeing the most at 1.4 trillion – up 6% from the previous year.
    • Action: Consider employing a higher-than-typical frequency cap to ensure your message is received.

As always, clients are encouraged to reach out to their account managers with any additional questions. Adelphic wishes all of our clients a successful holiday season and a happy and healthy new year!