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Vivaki is Partnering with Adelphic for Smarter Mobile Ads

May 30, 2013 | By AdWeek

VivaKi is partnering with mobile demand-side platform (DSP) Adelphic to enhance programmatic mobile ads buying for brands that want to reach on-the-go consumers. The companies are announcing today that they’ll develop consumer segments based on mobile behaviors, while going beyond the cookie for targeting purposes. The firms also said they would aim to overcome a… Read more »

Mobile Advertising Startup Adelphic Hires WPP’s Michael Collins as CEO

May 20, 2013 | By TechCrunch

Mobile DSP, Adelphic, is announcing that Michael Collins, previously global CEO at WPP-owned mobile marketing agency Joule, has joined the mobile advertising startup as its new chief executive. The current CEO Changfeng Wang will remain on-board as CTO. Wang and his co-founder Jennifer Lum both worked at Apple-acquired mobile ad network Quattro, and they announced… Read more »

What is a Mobile Demand Side Platform?

March 15, 2013 | By AdExchanger

Some companies claiming to be “mobile demand side platforms” are veiled mobile ad networks, or at least they’re mobile ad network-like. Which is to say they may be taking margin without disclosing price paid to the client. Others may be more transparent, buying on a per-impression basis and charging licensing fees as a standard DSP… Read more »

Apple Ad Alumni Get Funding from Google Ventures for Mobile DSP

December 4, 2012 | By The New York Times

Google’s venture capital arm is investing in a start-up Mobile DSP founded by Apple alumni that is seeking to make mobile users a little less anonymous to mobile advertisers. Adelphic, based in Boston, has raised $10 million from Google Ventures and Matrix Partners, a firm that invested in the company during an earlier fund-raising round…. Read more »

Meet the 21 Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising

July 11, 2012 | By Business Insider

When we compiled our list of the most important people in mobile advertising — the Mobile Power List 2012 — it contained one depressing anomaly: They were all men. While there are plenty of influential women in the business, most of them have CEOs above them who are male. When women are CEOs, it tends… Read more »

4 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch

April 17, 2012 | By Mashable

As a marketing professional, I spend a lot of time learning and educating on digital trends. With the current rate of growth, mobile marketing has been one of the most exciting to monitor. The data on user adoption is changing almost daily, with consumers actively changing the way they consume, share and publish. To keep… Read more »

Not All Was Lost When Apple Bought Quattro

March 18, 2012 | By Boston Globe

Adelphic Mobile, based in Lexington, announced last week that it had raised $2 million for a system aimed at delivering targeted ads to mobile devices by understanding what device a user owns, where they are located, and what kind of content they have been viewing, for instance. The two founders, Jennifer Lum and Changfeng Wang,… Read more »

Adelphic Mobile Founders Aim At Mobile Ads Segmentation With New Platform

March 14, 2012 | By AdExchanger

Adelphic announced the launch of its mobile ads company and its “Predictive Data Platform” which it says features AudienceCube, “a new targeting technology that leverages data predictive of campaign performance to find and engage mobile audiences.” Co-Founders Changfeng Weng and Jennifer Lum, whose mobile ad experience includes Apple iAd, Quattro Wireless, Nokia, Enpocket and m-Qube,… Read more »

From iAd To Launching Pad, New ‘Predictive’ Data Platform Could Be Organizing Principle Mobile Advertising Has Been Waiting For

March 13, 2012 | By MediaPost

If audience data is truly the currency of digital advertising and media-buying, then a new “predictive” audience data-targeting platform being rolled out today, could finally do for the mobile advertising marketplace what the litany of advertising technology platforms have done for the online display ad marketplace: become an organizing principle enabling advertisers and agencies to… Read more »